How do I use the properties of the Notes for Gallery Control

Nov 12, 2010 at 2:05 PM
Edited Nov 14, 2010 at 2:46 PM


I have been looking at this control and really like it.

I have downloaded the source as well but to be frank I'm very new to this and whilst I am comfortable with style sheets I know nothing about javascript.

So, a number of things that I am begging for :)

  1. To make the best use of the compiled dll , is there a definitive list of the properties that can be used to configure the gallery and the image displayed when a thumbnail is clicked that provides an indication of the effect of the parameter and the valid arguments?
  2. I'd like to experiment with this so use the source in a 'clean' website, make adjustments  and then recompile the control for use in other sites. Can someone tell me in words of one syllable how I go about this?

I have also done a little more playing and am a tad confused as to how 'multiple galleries' are handled.

I had expected that if I used;

<ctl:gallery runat="server" ID="Gallery1" folderurl="~/Images/Graduations/" size="100" Height="400px" />

where Graduations contains two folders James and Chris that I would get maybe the first image in each gallery as a link to that gallery; what I actualy get is a single gallery showing thumbnals for all the images in both folders.

Is this the intended behaviour - or am I missing a property or two?



Just to clarify, I have been playing with the properties in Vwd (2010) but some of them do not seem to have any effect and there are no explanations as to what they are supposed to do!

I have also imported the .css files into my site and placed them in my App Themes folder but cannot figure out how to make the control use them :(